nr-Jahreskonferenz 2011

Über Grenzen hinaus

Blaz Zgaga

freelance journalist, Slovenia

Blaz Zgaga is a Slovenian based freelance journalist and the Co-founder of the Center for Investigative Journalism, Slovenia. He has worked for Slovene dailies Delo and Vecer. In 2000 he was prosecuted by the authorities for revealing military secrets, but was cleared of any wrong doing in court. He co-initiated the Petition against censorship and political pressures on journalists in Slovenia, which was signed by 571 Slovene journalists in Autumn 2007. In cooperation with the Finnish journalist Magnus Berglund/YLE he revealed a gross corruption in Patria arms deals in September 2008. With co-author Matej Surc he is working on a trilogy entitled “In the name of the state” about illicit arms deals in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s. The first book was launched in June 2011. Two others will follow soon.