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DigiTal der Ahnungslosen: Recherche jenseits von googeln und mogeln

Iain Overton

Managing Editor The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Iain Overton is the Managing Editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. Running for 2 years, the Bureau has had a significant impact in filling the gap in investigative journalism that the drop off of investment had created. Since its launch, the Bureau has had 46 front pages, been nominated and awarded a number of major prizes and made over a dozen radio and television reports and documentaries. Prior to the Bureau, Iain was a commissioning executive at ITN and a senior producer at the BBC. His work to date includes investigations into the international trade in counterfeit pharmaceuticals, corporate killings in Iraq, human rights abuses by the Brazilian police and Glasgow gang-land murders linked to security contracts. Iain has worked in over 85 countries around the world. His personal work has been recognized with a Peabody Award, an Amnesty International Award, a OneWorld Award, a Prix Circom, a BAFTA Scotland and 3 RTS nominations, amongst others.