nr-Jahreskonferenz 2012
DigiTal der Ahnungslosen: Recherche jenseits von googeln und mogeln

Anders Pedersen
Tag Samstag - 2012-06-02
Raum R3 Computer & Recherche
Beginn 13:15
Dauer 01:00
ID 424
Veranstaltungstyp Vortrag
Track Handwerk
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Finanzielle Verflechtungen zwischen Pharma-Industrie und Ärzten

Über die schwache Transparenz der Verbindungen

Exposing financial ties between big pharma and doctors. On the weak, but strengthening transparency rules for pharma-doc relations in Europe.

Across Europe pharmaceutical companies struggle to keep their payments to doctors disclosed. In most countries doctors are still not monitored if they have financial incentives for prescribing certain medications. But emerging developments in the United States, as well as Denmark and The Netherlands, suggest that transparency legislation is making its way onto the scene of medical sponsorships.

The session will:

  • assess the status of transparency regulation across Europe on financial relations between "big pharma" and the doctors
  • show examples of how transparency is implemented in practiced in Denmark
  • demonstrate how to conduct an analysis of sponsor payments, when you finally get the data

The session will include how data was analysed with Google Refine (for matching names across registers) and Fusion Tables (for data visualizations)