nr-Jahreskonferenz 2013

Giulio Rubino

Freier Journalist

Giulio Rubino is a freelance journalist. He has a master in journalism awarded from the Sapienza University of Rome. Giulio has worked in the press office of the Fondazione Musica of Rome and has been head of Zoneattive’s press office (in Rome). In 2007 he has worked as a freelance journalist in Latin America, writing and taking pictures for several reportages. He wrote for Italian papers and magazines such as Terra, Il Manifesto, Carta. Together with Cecilia Anesi he founded the web-platform wasteemergency.com on Campania’s waste crisis and co-authored the crowd-funded documentary La Selva di Chiaiano – il parco delle sorprese. In 2011 he co-authored, together with Cecilia Anesi and the Belgian journalist Delphine Reuter, Toxic Europe - an investigative journalism documentary that won the Best International Organised Crime Report Award 2011. At the moment he works with Toxic Europe’s team on transnational investigative journalism projects.