nr-Jahreskonferenz 2013

Paul Radu
Mod.: Marcus Lindemann
Day Samstag - 2013-06-15
Room R4 Computerrecherche praktisch
Start time 10:45
Duration 01:00
ID 503
Track Recherche praktisch
Language used for presentation English

Investigative Dashboard

Eine Recherchierwerkzeugbox [in englischer Sprache]

The presentation will showcase the Investigative Dashboard (ID)-a tool that is designed to assist journalists in untangling complex financial schemes and Visual investigative Scenarios (VIS)-an application that allows journalists to visualize complex criminal networks. The ID website shares detailed methodologies, resources, and links for journalists to track money, shareholders, and company ownership across international borders. It also shares video tutorials, and other tools, to help journalists navigate often rapidly evolving data-sources. On the other hand, VIS, which will soon be publicly launched, enables journalists to represent business networks and complex criminal conections.